Sarah Bilston is a novelist whose fiction has been published in 9 languages. She's also an Associate Professor of Victorian Literature. She earned her doctorate from the University of Oxford (UK) and teaches at Trinity College, Hartford (USA).


As a scholar, I write about women and girls on the margins -- adolescents in my first book, suburbanites in the second. My work bristles with the names of the long-forgotten: Elizabeth Missing Sewell, Rhoda Broughton, Julia Frankau, Jane Ellen Panton. In my new book, The Promise of the Suburbs (Feb 2019) I'll explore how women clawed creative space for themselves in the new suburban landscape. Did you know the English suburbs were growing rapidly as early as 1820?


As a fiction writer, I also focus on the sidelined, although in quite different ways. Bed Rest, my first novel, was about a young woman whose life is derailed when she's put on bed rest. Sleepless Nights, the sequel, continues the story of a young woman who becomes unexpectedly divorced from her professional life when maternity and parenting throw up a succession of roadblocks. I'm excited to finish a third novel, Batter My Heart, about a humble monk, a forgotten figure in history, who happens to discover where a great treasure is concealed. Click on the links at the top of the screen to find out more about my work.


The lovely painting on my front page is "Prosperpine," 1874, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882); ©Tate, London 2017. You can reach me by Email at Sarah AT sarahbilston DOT com.


“Rich and provocative . . . [Bilston] has redrawn the map for future research.”
— Catherine Maxwell, The Review of English Studies

“Sarah Bilston reads like Sophie Kinsella’s big sister—a bit more serious, a little wiser, just as irresistible.”
— New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips